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VHS Video Conversion

Preserve Memories on DVD

Bring us your home movies & slides and we'll convert them to DVD.

Bring Your Video Memories Back to Life

Redsei Design specializes in VHS / Film to DVD conversions. That’s right! you can finally convert all your old VHS into DVDs! We are equipped to transfer your video to DVD from the VHS format. VHS may be an obsolete medium by today’s standards, but with our help, you can easily revive your old videos and movies via our simplified VHS to DVD conversion process. We also have the capacity to convert your foreign films (PAL-SECAM) into a North American format.

Formats we work with include

  • VHS
  • Hi8
  • Digital 8
  • DV / Mini DV
  • DV Cam
  • Micro Mini DV

Note: There is a 2-hour limit per DVD. If we find that your footage exceeds 2 hours your order will be split into 2 separate DVD orders and you will be charged for 2 orders. If separate orders are created, price will be adjusted at the time of processing and this form will not reflect the updated price.

What if I have more than 2 tapes?

Only 2 tapes, 2 hours total, will fit on each DVD. Extra tapes need to be placed as separate orders. Fill out all order information for the first tapes and you can add your next order(s) afterward.

  • High-quality transfer to archival-quality gold DVDs
  • Two archival-quality gold DVDs included with each order
  • Includes videotape repair and case replacement, if necessary
  • FREE unlimited online viewing, sharing and storage

Why should I order extra copies?

  • DVDs from special memories make special and unique gifts.
  • Why not put a copy away for safe keeping?
  • You can order a duplication later on, but it will be more expensive.
  • Intelligent chapters. Jump right to the perfect moment again, and again.

Every DVD includes custom, natural scene breaks created just for you. All content is analyzed and automatically detects key scenes, creating perfect chapters for you.

Personalized Themes

Personalized themes. Choose the perfect frame for your story.
We have 21 different themes to choose – from Baby and Birthday to Wedding and Winter – so you can choose a look that perfectly matches your videos. Your theme appears on the DVD menu screen as well as on the DVD case.


Remember those boxes of old home movies collecting dust in the back of your closet? Your videotapes, movie film, and slides are fading over time. Instead of letting your memories fade away, have them transferred to Hollywood-style DVDs, where they are easier to watch and more fun to share!

Setting up an old, bulky film projector (if you even have one) is not convenient. It is not easy to watch and share reels of old home movies.

Having your slides and photo prints transferred to DVD is a great way to archive and organize your collection. The slides and prints are converted to digital files, which are easy to share with email and on the web.

When you transfer to DVD, your videos and images are easy to watch and share on your DVD player. DVDs are organized into menus and chapters that make it easy to find your favorite scenes.

Service Policies and Loss/Damage Liability Statement

By submitting material to Redsei Design, you request the processing services described and agrees to pay any standard charges. You must agree that all materials submitted to Redsei Design for transfer or other reproduction, are not in violation of any copyright laws. The materials submitted were either created by you or you have the permission of the copyright owner to duplicate them. If you do not own the copyright, it is illegal to make copies and the orders will be returned to the originator unprocessed. For copyrighted material where there is permission of the copyright holder, you may be required to obtain a copyright release. This release must be included with the order in order to reproduce copyrighted material. You will indemnify and hold Redsei Design harmless in respect to any claim of violation of such laws. Recorded television programs will not be processed, not even when accompanied with a release form. Media containing obscene or illegal imagery will not be processed.This is a transfer service only whereby Redsei Design warrants that the material submitted will be transferred to DVD discs and Redsei Design does not warrant that the material will be enhanced or improved during the transfer. If you are not satisfied with the order, Redsei Design will attempt to reproduce it and attain a quality level as close as possible to the original source quality.

Loss/Damage Liability Statement

In the extremely rare event of loss or damage of any kind to the your videotape, film, slides or other material, you agree that the liability to Redsei Design employees is limited to the cost of replacing such materials with blank media of similar type. You also agrees that Redsei Design and its employees shall not be otherwise liable to you for any loss or damage of any kind or nature, whether direct incidental, consequential, or otherwise.

I understand and accept that this order is being sent to a central lab and hereby agree to the service policies and loss/damage liability statement listed above.

Professional recordings and copyrighted material

If you have a wedding video or similar video recorded by a professional, you must have their permission in order to have this footage transferred to DVD.

Does your video contain copyrighted images?

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