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Image Manipulation

What is a Clipping Path?

The name given to the process is self-explanatory. A photo clipping path is the path along which an image is cut. And a basic or simple clipping path is used when the image is an easy image with a few corners and curves.

If it is the image of a sphere or a ball and if the ball has to be clipped from the background, it is easy as there will be a simple clipping path, which originates from one place and ends in another. There are no clipping paths that would overlap in this case and the whole process is comparatively easy.

Simply put, clipping path service is the first step towards making an image better. Once the image has been taken off the original background, it has to be worked on to bring out the best of the image. Since everything depends on the image that has been clipped out a lot of care has to be given to this first step.

The clipped out image is the basic structure on which the entire campaign/idea (in the case of an advertising agency), a centre-fold with a theme (in the case of a magazine or a brochure), images on a website, (Real Estate, E-Commerce, or the like).

Photo Masking

This is a slightly complicated process where our experts take the image after the basic PHOTO CLIPPING is over and embellish the image with different masking techniques. If the images that have been clipped do not have well defined edges we use photo masking services technique to smooth out the edges.

This PHOTO MASKING SERVICE needs close attention to detail and is used for images which primarily include hair, transparent pieces of dresses like a semi transparent veil or for landscape photography which has trees/foliage and complex color patterns.

The raw images after a shoot leave a lot to be desired, immaterial of whether it was shot by an amateur or a skilled photographer or whether it was shot with a still camera, a DSLR or even through a simple aim and shoot camera, let it be a fully automatic one or that of mobile phone. Apart from all these, the quality of an image also depends on the lighting, the mood of the image and the general tone of the image. In this scenario where there are a lot to be desired for, these sort of PHOTO MASKING EFFECTS are a must.

Product Photo Editing

The name of the process gives a basic idea of what the service involved in product photo clipping services. This refers to isolating the image of the product from the unflattering background it rests on.

In this era when people are warming towards the idea of online shopping whatever let it be for; clothes, shoes, cars, accessories, houses, you name it and it is being sold online. Unlike a direct shopping experience where the buyers can hold, touch and feel the object they are about to buy, the online buyers have to be make their decision by looking at the image on the website. Since images are the only source through which the clients can be lured into making a positive decision, the websites in turn should invest time and energy in product photo editing to make sure the images are perfect in all aspects.

These images should give an overall impression and should be able to attract the buyer and at the same time give the buyer an idea of how the object is in reality. Let it be the texture in the case of clothes, bags, shoes accessories, the color and the finish of the products and also the designs and corners should be clear.

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