Logo Design

A logo is a logo, right?

A Logo is a Logo, Right?

Well, yes and no. A logo’s design does so much more than identify you, your organization or your event. Logo design reflects personality. It speaks about tone, gravitas, warmth or fun. Sometimes it’s ultra-contemporary, occasionally deliberately traditional, cheeky or subliminal, serious or frivolous. Color is important, of course, as is the typography used and the relationship between the two. Yes, a logo is so much more than just an icon.

When You Decide

Should you opt for our logo design service, we will create several different logos after listening to your requirements and then take one of these concepts through to a final logo. You can be confident that you will get the logo that you want as we will keep working on it until you are happy. Here at Redsei Design we love designing logos from scratch or giving an existing brand identity a sometimes-much-needed makeover. But the way we see it, we’re not just creating a logo. We are helping you to enable others too interpret your brand. We are encouraging brand recognition, loyalty, association, distinction, and respect.

When you decide
All the right pieces

All The Right Pieces

Once your logo has been finalized we will supply the digital files that you will then be able to pass to any printer. As a standard we supply a vector based or high quality print ready logo for you to use offline as well as a multitude of formats for all sorts of applications you may have. At the end of the process, you will receive a color, greyscale and black and white version of your logo converted to multiple file formats.