Schoolbook Design

A child's perspective

A Child's Perspective

We specialize in creating innovative design, illustration and layout for children schoolbooks. We have more than a 22+ years of experience in designing children schoolbooks and have served clients across different sectors. Our aim is to look at the outside world from a child’s perspective and replicate the same thoughts on paper. The vibrant illustrations and lively designs in the children's book will arouse their interest and will make them delighted.

The Complete Package

Designing book for the children is both challenging as well as rewarding. You have to deliver your best in order to succeed in this competitive market. We develop an excellent product with beautiful interiors, awesome illustrations and coordinating cover designs.

The complete package
What to expect

What To Expect

The entire procedure of layout and design of school book includes a detailed meeting (online) with the client which consists of the following steps. 

• Two initial designs of 3-4 pages of interior
• 2-4 front cover layouts for each interior layout for evaluation by client
• Full layout of book including front as well as back matter
• Formatting of the copyright page
• Matching of front cover to title page design
• Strict attention to typesetting details such as widows, orphans, line spacing, hyphenation, and kerning
• Minimum two reasonable rounds of changes after proofreading
• Design of back cover and spine to match chosen front, and creation of a press-ready PDF file set according to the specification of the printer
• All final files are collected and sent to customer or directly to printer if needed