Schoolbook Covers

Visually Appealing

Visually appealing

The cover of a book plays an important role in deciding the fate of your work. Within a glance, readers pick an attractive book design from the shelf from a vast pile of books. A visually appealing book cover is the first statement to its readers. If the cover of your book is not eye catchy, then there are chances that it will not attract the attention of the readers. Readers will avoid a book whose interiors are unorganized or poorly designed. Whether it a novel or a textbook or any other general books, our team has the expertise to give an artistic or inspired cover design. We make use of the latest designing software to translate your ideas into creative designs.

Meeting Industry Standards

We have offered customized services for clients of different industries. Our services will offer the following benefits to you. 

• You can choose from multiple design variations
• Book cover/book jacket designs will be formatted to meet printing requirements
• The cover design can be customized for different promotional activities
• We also take care of file formatting, color consistency, image scrutiny and banding correction

Meeting Industry Standards
Book cover design

Book Cover Design

There is a famous phrase which says that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but that is exactly what students do before reading a book. Hiring a professional book cover designer is one of the important decisions to get your cover noticed.

The Mechanics

Book cover design is comprised of text and images. But where the real magic happens is when they both work well together to create a theme of what's inside. 

Working with Redsei Design will allow your cover to standout and leave a lasting impression on those young minds.

• We will create a unique look that exemplifies the content of the book
• Visual imagery that intrigues the reader to pick up and open the book
• Special branding can be applied to allow for multiple covers with similar but unique designs
• Fonts and colors that are based on the age and interest level are carefully chosen

When you decide
Marketing extras

Marketing Extras

When your cover is completed we can help you out a bit more. For marketing purposes, whether in a catalog or for an online presence, we can create 3D versions of your cover as well. Add more WOW to your covers and get noticed!